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Common Questions

If the document has not yet been supplied, a full refund can be requested. In the case of search that has been conducted but the documents are not available we will refund the fee minus a £5 search fee.

In some cases the Title Plan or the conveyance document will show fence responsibilities using T markers although in a lot of cases this is not shown on the documents we supply.

We aim to supply documents within 10 minutes although at busier periods and in hours outside of our working hours this may take a little longer. If you require a document urgently you can contact our support team.

Yes, we only supply the official copies in PDF format. The £3 copy purchased from HMLR directly are for electronic use only and state 'Not an official copy' at the top of the document, these copies can not be used in any legal sitting, our copies however can. You can purchase the official copy by post from HMLR for around £10 when factoring in postage and postal order costs, but there is around a 10 day wait and it will not be in PDF format, however the lease, charges, conveyance and deed documents we supply can not be purchased online directly from HMLR.

Yes, this option can be selected once the order is placed, the details will be available on your confirmation email.

We are a UK registered business, ICO registered and fully compliant with GDPR, all data is handled responsibly and within the law, all application data is stored on secured servers based in the UK and the USA. In the case of a cancellation, all application data is removed from our servers. Data is never shared with any third party other than the HMLR

Please contact us through our Live Chat system or by email, we will be happy to help